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The SAVES Publications

Fact Sheets and Articles


  1. Voluntary Euthanasia explains what it is and sets out the aims of the Society.
  2. A Letter to Your Doctor describes a way of raising voluntary euthanasia with your doctor.
  3. Hospice, Palliative Care and Voluntary Euthanasia discusses the relationship between these related aspects of the care of the terminally ill.
  4. Beginning and Ending with God sets out a personal view on voluntary euthanasia by the Episcopal Bishop of St Andrews, Scotland. (contact SAVES for futher information about this item)
  5. Christian Support for Voluntary Euthanasia calls for recognition of its strength.
  6. In Pursuit of Law Reform - a short history
  7. A List of Resource Material on Voluntary Euthanasia includes books in our library.
  8. The Right to Choose - $3.00 plus postage. SAVES' 48 page, A5 size handbook written in support of legalising voluntary euthanasia. Medical and legal aspects are discussed and replies given to the common objections. Proposals for the way the law might be changed are outlined as a basis for discussion.
  9. What is in the Bills before the South Australian Parliament? (2008 March 2010)