The Voluntary Euthanasia Debate
Polls and Surveys
06 Definitions & Terminology 02 Public Opinion
07 More Terminology 03 Medical Opinion
09 The Case for Voluntary Euthanasia 14 Nursing Opinion
10 The Facts About Voluntary Euthanasia: Dispelling Myths
11 The Fear of Abuse Objection
Beyond South Australia
12 The Slippery Slope Objection 04 Voluntary Euthanasia in the Netherlands to 1999
15 SAVES' Primary Objective 17 Voluntary Euthanasia in the Netherlands - MDEL Studies
33 Timeline for voluntary euthanasis bills in the SA parliament 18 Oregon's Doctor Assisted Dying Law
19 The Northern Territory Act
20 Assisted Dying in Switzerland
Medical and Legal
21 Voluntary Euthanasia in Australia and the Netherlands
01 Living Wills and Medical Agents 22 Physician-Assisted Dying in Dutch Psychiatric Practice
05 Appointing Your Own Legal Agent (in South Australia) 24 Voluntary Euthanasia in the Netherlands from 2000
06 Definitions and Terminology 25 The World Federation of Right to Die Societies
07 More Terminology 26 Voluntary Euthanasia in Belgium
08 Medical Treatment and the Law in South Australia 27 Washington's Physician Assisted Dying Law
13 The Hippocratic Oath 28 Montana: Physician Assisted Dying Law
16 Dying of Cancer 29 The Law on Voluntary Euthanasia and Physician - Assisted Dying in Luxembourg
21 Voluntary Euthanasia in Australia and the Netherlands 30 Vermont USA: The Patient Choice and Control at End of Life Act
23 The Principle of Double Effect 31 Quebec: Bill 52 - An Act respecting end-of-life care
32 California USA: California’s End of Life Option Act

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