FAQ on voluntary euthanasia (VE)

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Why do we need a new law?

We need a law which gives people the freedom to choose a medically assisted end when their quality of life has deteriorated beyond hope. A law that protects doctors fulfilling their duty of care to relieve suffering.

Isn’t current palliative care adequate?

Even with the best care the suffering of a minority cannot be relieved. For the argument, see A Synopsis Of Disease And Symptoms Which Are At Best Difficult, At Worst Impossible To Control With Modern Palliative and Medical Care.

Aren't we playing God with such a law?
  • The key word is "voluntary" -- the free choice of every individual.
  • It is cruel and inhumane to allow people to die in pain or in torment.
  • 77% of Christians support a VE law (Newspoll 2012).
  • The minority opposed to VE can choose not to use it.
  • The minority should not impose their beliefs on others.
Won’t all the sick and elderly be killed off with this law?
  • In all countries with VE laws, this does not happen.
  • Strict safeguards will be enforceable by law, as with VE laws overseas.
  • Safeguards include preventing pressure from others to choose VE.

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