What you can do

Contact your State MP

Now is the time to be active. The only way to get law reform is to get State MPs to vote for the legislation.

The most important action you can take is to tell your local State MP that you want them to support the Death with Dignity Bill 2016.

... then what, talk to your neighbours, your family, your friends - and get them to talk to their MP as well.

To find out which South Australian electorate you live in click here. To find out the name of your State MP visit the SA Parliament Members House of Assembly website.

You can:
Ring your local State MP
Email your local State MP
Write to your local State MP

Encourage your friends, neighbours and family to contact their State MP.

Read one of the End of Life Choice Newsletters if you are looking for ideas you would like to put to your MP.

Use the GoGentleAustralia website to email your local MP – contains a direct link if you wait briefly for the second SA page to open.

Familiarise yourself with some of the latest information through the links on the Resources page.

Tell SAVES what your MP thinks about Voluntary Euthanasia

After you contact your MP, tell SAVES what happened. What was their response? What arguments did they use? What questions did they have?
Email us: info@saves.asn.au

Tell the Media what you think

Contact your local Messenger, write to the Advertiser or InDaily, ring in on talkback radio.

Letter to the Editor, The Advertiser can be emailed to advedit@theadvertiser.com.au.

Letter to the Editor, InDaily can be sent to indaily@solsticemedia.com.au.

invite a Speaker from SAVES

Invite a speaker from SAVES to your next community organisation meeting. SAVES can provide speakers for community meetings, such as Rotary, Probus, U3A and your retirement village. The latest news of progress towards law reform and answers to audience questions of interest make for informative and lively discussion.

Contact Frances Coombe on 0421 305 684.

Other actions you can take
  • join SAVES
  • join one of the Supporting Organisations - doctors, nurses, lawyers, young people, Christians, people with disability
  • join us on facebook
  • attend SAVES meetings and rallies
  • ask your library (or public venue) to host a SAVES display; includes brochures
  • ask your community organisation to invite a SAVES speaker
  • ask your doctors to display SAVES brochures in their waiting rooms
  • encourage family and friends to join SAVES or give a donation
  • let us know if you have particular skills which can be of help.
Make a personal donation

SAVES is staffed entirely by volunteers. Since its formation in 1983, SAVES has worked towards law reform that enables a compassionate and humane response to unbearable and hopeless suffering.

A general donation or regular or monthly donations are greatly appreciated.

Your gift will work towards the alleviation of suffering.

Electronic Funds Transfer:
Commonwealth Bank
BSB 065 129
Account number 00901742

Please email info@saves.asn.au to confirm your EFT.

Cheque or money order:
make payable to SAVES and post to:
SAVES PO Box 2151
Kent Town SA 5071

A receipt will be issued if requested.

Make a bequest

A bequest is another way to support the campaign for legal voluntary euthanasia.

The appropriate wording for the gift of a specific sum is:
'I bequeath to the South Australian Voluntary Euthanasia Society Inc. the sum of $......'

If you wish to leave your entire estate to SAVES the wording would read:
'I give and bequeath the whole of my real and personal estate to the South Australian Voluntary Euthanasia Society Inc'.

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Contact SAVES


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