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SAVES prepares regular one page newsletters which summarise current debates in the campaign to legalise voluntary euthanasia.


A website developed by Andrew Denton and his team to support the campaign to legalise voluntary euthanasia.
Highlights include
The Damage Done ebook of personal stories
Wheeler Centre podcasts Better Off Dead
National Press Club Address by Andrew Denton, 10 August 2016

Death with Dignity Bill 2016

Following consultations with Parliamentary colleagues and the community over the last eight months, Dr Duncan McFetridge, Liberal Member for Morphett, and Hon Steph Key, Labor Member for Ashford, prepared a new Bill, the Death with Dignity Bill 2016. The Death with Dignity Bill 2016 was introduced and tabled by Dr Duncan McFetridge, MP, on 20 October, 2016, and seconded by Hon Steph Key, MP.

The Death with Dignity Bill 2016 states that the only person who will be able to request voluntary euthanasia will be someone who
1. Is an adult who is mentally competent to make the request
2. Is diagnosed with a terminal medical condition
3. Their death is inevitable due to the terminal medical condition
4. The suffering of the person has become intolerable to them and there is no reasonably available medical treatment or palliative care option that could relieve their suffering
5. The person has lived in South Australia for at least 12 months.

A terminal medical condition is defined as a condition which is incurable. The person will have reached a stage where their suffering is untreatable. The request must be made by the person and must be voluntary – confirmed by two independent doctors and two independent witnesses.

The Death with Dignity Bill 2016 specifically excludes anyone making a request for voluntary euthanasia on the grounds of their disability, their age, or their mental health condition.

Final Second Reading Speeches and the debate on amendments to the Death with Dignity Bill 2016 took place in the South Australian Parliament on 16-17 November. Second Reading speeches were made from 7.30 until 10pm. The Bill was then voted into Committee stage by 27 to 19.

During the Committee stage, approximately 40 amendments were moved. 29 of the amendments had been prepared by Mr Chris Picton, and had previously been discussed with the Bill mover and seconder, Dr Duncan McFetridge and Hon Steph Key.

Amendments included requiring both assessing doctors to be specialists, a prognosis of 6 months or less to live, compulsory assessment by a psychiatrist, request to be renewed every 28 days, requirements in relation to drug storage and destruction of drugs after 7 days (if not used), doctor being able to revoke an approval if they become aware of new information.

After six hours of debate, clause by clause, and sometimes line by line, at 4.12 am a final vote was taken on the Death with Dignity Bill 2016 (as amended).

The tellers for each side reported 23 votes each. The Speaker, Hon Michael Atkinson, a long term opponent of voluntary euthanasia, cast his vote against the Bill.

Hansard records the vote as follows:
Ayes ............... 23
Noes ............... 23
Majority ........... 0

Bedford, F.E.
Caica, P.
Cook, N.F.
Hildyard, K.
Marshall, S.S.
Odenwalder, L.K.
Redmond, I.M.
Wingard, C.
Bignell, L.W .K.
Chapman, V.A.
Digance, A.F.C.
Hughes, E.J.
McFetridge, D. (teller)
Picton, C.J.
Sanderson, R.
Wortley, D.
Brock, G.G.
Close, S.E.
Gee, J.P.
Key, S.W.
Mullighan, S.C.
Pisoni, D.G.
Weatherill, J.W.

Bell, T.S.
Gardner, J.A.W.
Hamilton-Smith, M.L.J.
Koutsantonis, A.
Piccolo, A.
Snelling, J.J.
Treloar, P.A.
Whetstone, T.J.
Bettison, Z.L.
Goldsworthy, R.M.
Kenyon, T.R. (teller)
Pederick, A.S.
Rankine, J.M.
Speirs, D.
van Holst Pellekaan, D.C.
Williams, M.R.
Duluk, S.
Griffiths, S.P.
Knoll, S.K.
Pengilly, M.R.
Rau, J.R.
Tarzia, V.A.
Vlahos, L.A.

The vote was a conscience vote, so MPs made their own decision on how they would vote. Labor MPs voted 2/3 to support the Bill; Liberal MPs voted 2/3 against the Bill.

Marshall Perron, former Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, who introduced the world’s first voluntary euthanasia legislation in 1996, and Andrew Denton, broadcaster and presenter, campaigner for voluntary euthanasia and founder of the website GoGentleAustralia, stayed with us in the Gallery listening to the debate until the final vote at 4.12am.

20 October – Second Reading Speech - Dr Duncan McFetridge
3 November Second Reading Speech – Gee
15 November Second Reading Speeches – Pederick, Knoll, Griffiths, Pengilly, Van Holst Pellekaan, Hamilton-Smith, Gardner
16 November Second Reading Speeches and Vote – Atkinson, Tarzia, Brock, Rankine, Williams, Piccolo, Mullighan, Chapman, Rau, Speirs, Snelling, Digance, Picton, Wingard, Koutsantonis, Vlahos, Wortley, Cook, Kenyon, Bedford, McFetridge
16-17 November Committee Stage and Vote

Voluntary Euthanasia Bill 2016

Speeches on the 2016 Bill from South Australian MPs
11 February – Hon Steph Key
10 March – Dr Duncan McFetridge, Mr Troy Bell, Ms Frances Bedford
14 April – Hon Paul Caica, Mr Adrian Pederick, Ms Natalie Cook, Ms isobel Redmond, Mr Vincent Tarzia, Ms Rachel Sanderson
9 June – Hon Jay Weatherill, Mr Eddie Hughes
20 October – Mr Stephan Knoll, Mr John Gardner, Mr Dan Van Holst Pellekaan, Hon Stephen Mullighan, Mr David Speirs, Hon Leon Bignell, Ms Vicki Chapman

SAVES June 2015 Forum

The Voluntary Euthanasia Story – the epic journey to make it legal: listen to speakers at the Adelaide forum including Dr Rob Jonquière, Communications Director, World Right to Die Federation, Hon Marshall Perron, former NT Chief Minister and sponsor of the world’s first Right to Die legislation. The Voluntary Euthanasia Story – The epic journey to make it legal watch the Adelaide Forum June 2015 here

Australia 21

Pre-eminent think tank Australia 21 was established in 2001 to address Australian society’s difficult questions and to create a framework of increased public understanding of complex problems. In January 2013 Australia 21 hosted a Roundtable on voluntary euthanasia, with a report titled The right to choose and assisted death: Time for legislation?. Prior to the Roundtable a background paper titled How should Australia regulate voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide?

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Neil Francis, leading VE advocate hosts an informative website DyingforChoice providing information on current debates

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